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dynamic display texts relative to view + bake it

Description Example image: dynamic display texts relative to view + bake it

Grasshopper Component by stan

This is a rough piece made of several vbs that can easily be optimized.
Just needs a point's list and a string's list to display at.
It will continuously update text display parallel to any current view (perspective was the aim...).
For Baking text, toggle the boolean ONCE ...


Version 1 (Oct 14, 2010)


Rhino version: Rhino 4

Grasshopper version: 0.60059


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Why are these buttons gray?

  • 2. stan (Apr 25, 2011 11.23):

    Hi dgregory
    I need info to contact you : no way on your personal page.
    You also can open a topic at

    or also email

  • 1. dgregory (Apr 20, 2011 06.12):

    crashes for me every time, in 8.0009...any guesses? can't even reach the 'click to toggle global timer block' that pops up, wondering if that's related?

    more broadly, I'm looking for/to build a .ghx (or script) that can give a spot grade based on selecting a 'point on surface'...but I'm having trouble figuring out how to make some rhino commands in GH (like just placing text, etc)...

    any suggestions?

  • +++ Oct 14, 2010 16.37: dynamic display texts relative to view + bake it version 1 published +++