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Description Example image: HexGrid

Grasshopper Application by Johannes

this script was created in the wintersemester 09/10 at the university of kassel in the lecture digital design of Kathrin Wiertelarz.
it uses some simple functions to divide a surface into modules and to work in each module with vector calculation. it ends up with some polylines and a loft surface.


Version 1 (Feb 10, 2010)


Rhino version: Rhino 4

Grasshopper version: 0.60059


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  • 3. Diego (Oct 07, 2011 17.19):

    Thank you for share this excellent definition.

  • 2. SNX (Nov 25, 2010 04.52):

    Thx buddy, I need to learn sth from your script. I'm stucked by the diamond mesh warping an inregular form. the method of dividing uv is not so accuracy.

  • 1. Maybeallright (Mar 31, 2010 16.58):

    So Good.It's interesting!

  • +++ Feb 10, 2010 09.59: HexGrid version 1 published +++