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by ivo, May 27, 2008 15.48


computes an origami like paperfolding and draws the developed lay out on the xy-plane so that you can print it and fold it yourself

two polylines, which must be situated respectively in the xy- and the yz-plane

- a set of mesh faces, representing the fold work
- a set of lines on the xy-plane, lay out of the developed surface

a geometrical restiction of the method is that the amplitude of the second polyline can not be too big. otherwise it will produce 'unfoldable' intersetions


Why are these buttons gray?

  • 9. ivo (May 19, 2011 08.23):

    hi glado,

    it is actually not my thesis but the one o my friend Hani Buri. I did just the implementation of the method, and this in a rather stuporous way. However, the result is okay. FYI, we are currently working on a method for curved origami.

  • 8. glado (May 18, 2011 17.23):

    omg man ! i just look on your thesis congratulation man ! this look like really serious work wow .....thanks for sharing....did you publish this script somewhere ?

  • 7. ivo (Feb 04, 2011 07.59):

    Hi there,

    thank you for your interest in the script. Actually, the script is not available. But for your information, i will provide you with some readings where all the used methods are described in detail. here's the link:

    kind regards

  • 6. Lukeroesp (Feb 04, 2011 00.31):

    Hi Ivo, this is great.amazing job.u think u could tell me where to find the script i sure will mention you when i use it.


  • 5. m0086 (Jan 28, 2011 20.24):

    ivo is there any chance you can post this script

    I don't know where to get it.

  • 4. Maybeallright (Oct 04, 2009 15.41):

    I love it!
    Could you share the script?

  • 3. liotov2 (Apr 18, 2009 15.25):

    that's great!!!
    where can i get this script?

  • 2. ivo (May 28, 2008 12.51):

    hi hanno,

    i just didn't see this. thanks 4 your comment.

  • 1. Hanno (May 28, 2008 11.49):

    hey ivo,

    nice idea to use videos to show how your scripts are working. I linked the gallery items to your scripts (see "used scripts" above) - if you left that out intentionally, just drop me a note!