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by isg, May 27, 2008 05.38


yet another voronoi experiment..
procedure : split a simple volume with a voronoi pattern. dupborders of split surfaces, and rebuild curves to be degree 3. offset a copy of the new curves and loft a surface between rails. extrude surfaces and finally use cage edit to deform the result.

Used scripts

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  • 4. jay1355 (Jan 21, 2010 04.21):

    amazing,i like it

  • 3. Hanno (Nov 23, 2008 20.15):

    I set a link to the script - see "used scripts" above. Thanks for uploading!

  • 2. isg (Nov 23, 2008 07.56):

    hi i just uploaded the script that i used to rebuild the curves and loft the planar surfaces (see: rebuildCurves.rvb in the scripts section of the site).
    the voronoi solution was done using the pointset reconstruction tools from rhino labs, and everything else was done manually. -isg

  • 1. Ronnie (Nov 21, 2008 15.43):

    Does this procedure contains any scripts?