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timber project

by ivo, Dec 02, 2010 10.15


design and manufacturing of an exposition table composed of 1700 elements. the design was done using rhino3d. the table has then been devided into 178 backlit boxes, all different in shape and size. each box was covered either by an engraved wood veneer (containing the exposition text) or a plexi-glass sheet (on which images were printed for display). Manufacturing was completed with a script based on the "Zünd-Post-Processor" which has been adapted for g-code output and 5-axis milling.

The exposition "timber project" was hold in spring 2010 at archizoom, EPFL.

Used scripts

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  • 3. Hanno (Dec 03, 2010 13.18):

    Hi Ivo, you're very welcome.
    Yes, I'm at D2P Zurich since spring 09, and still quite happy with that decision.


  • 2. ivo (Dec 03, 2010 07.12):

    hello hano, nice to hear from you and thank you for the comment. i heard that you work for arnold and fabian, right? kind regards from lausanne

  • 1. Hanno (Dec 02, 2010 13.08):

    I've seen this exhibition in Lausanne. Very nice concept, the backlit text looked great!