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by Johannes, Feb 11, 2010 20.03


this is a project out of the lecture digital design of Kathrin Wiertelarz at the university of kassel.
it uses some simple functions to divide a surface into modules and to work in each module with vector calculation. it ends up with some polylines and a loft surface.

Used scripts

Why are these buttons gray?

  • 5. aaquib8 (Sep 30, 2011 19.54):

    Thanks Johannes

  • 4. aaquib8 (Sep 30, 2011 19.53):

    oh i think i got it.its the preview settings in GH.if it is on the peration will be too slow so it is probably turned off. try baking it works..

  • 3. aaquib8 (Sep 30, 2011 19.49):

    Hi johannes
    I used your script ghx file .it opens without any errors .but then no change in the idea what s wrong

  • 2. S_K_I (May 01, 2011 02.07):

    I'm also having the same problem, any follow up info would be great, thanks...

  • 1. afargnoli (Nov 01, 2010 20.26):

    The images of your hex script are beautiful and the potential is great. I downloaded your file and imported it into Grasshopper but when I assign a surface and reparameterize it does not do anything. I'm not having any error messages (yellow, etc) in grasshopper -- do you have a rhino source file as well?