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sand pavllion prototype scale 1:10

by iottx, Oct 07, 2009 00.28



the prototype is the result of an ongoing research in parametric modeling and digital fabrication. The images depict a 1:10 scale model of an architectonic structure generated in a parametric design environment and fabricated using laser cutting technique. For the realization of such structures, a custom fabrication software was developed allowing for the automated detailing of intersections of interlocking pieces and generation of fabrication documents. Searching to combine formal freedom with economical and production constraints in architecture, aim of the research is to translate complex formal geometries to simple construction techniques. The shelter prototype consists of 216 irregular interlocking pieces forming a periodic cellular pattern enveloping a free-form volume. It is constructed entirely of sheet material, wooden boards, detailed with plug-and-socket joints.


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  • 1. adamlee (Oct 07, 2009 21.40):

    Hey we are quite interested in your works and techniques. Exploring the same aims but from a different angle. We are using spaceframe structures fabricated out of sheet material with the same aims. We are quite interested in crystalline geometries that can proliferate into any form.

    Perhaps you'd like to take a look at what we are up to and get back to us.

    Adam Lee