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Scripting & Fabrication projects

by Bharat, Oct 02, 2009 04.27


The model (by Mike Thomas) is one of the student compositions and models generated using scripts in Rhino and fabricated using laser or card cutters. More projects info at


Why are these buttons gray?

  • 2. Bharat (Dec 06, 2009 23.27):

    I browsed through some images at SCI-ARC, interesting projects (as usual). For the above model, Mike scripted it using interactive control points on a bunch of splines that are interactively generated and draped over a surface. Some more student projects (using Grasshopper) have just been uploaded, see on Flickr

  • 1. designsbyd (Dec 06, 2009 05.45):

    have you seen the installation at SCI-Arc? i think you would be interested in seeing a constructed version of something similar to what you designed. i always am!