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Spacial Subdivision

by Morse, Aug 22, 2008 12.30


MorSe developed a volume-subdividing algorithm (VSA) which can be utilized as a spatial strategy.
The RhinoScript subdivides an intial volume into smaller volumes by offsetting its faces and rotating them (parametrized inputs).
Different colors represent different architectural "program". The VSA stops subdividing when 99% of the program have been inserted.
"Void space" is also part of the program and deletes volumes as it is inserted.

Among fitness criteria DURING process of creation:
1) Spacial connectivity
2) Proximity & importance
3) Hierarchy of programs

Evaluation AFTER process (recorded in a graphical 2D fate map, next to 3D object):
1) Distribution of program (in height)
2) Size of program blocks

There will be a video added to further explain the details of the VSA.


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  • 9. archi++ (Sep 24, 2009 20.46):


  • 8. morse.sean (Apr 29, 2009 15.12):

    we are still developing the ideas along with the methods (scripts) for this project. in response to johnHarding's comment (btw, john - we have admired your processing work and projects on the UEL site) - we do hope at some point to share the scripts. unfortunately, its has never really been in a state to do so. its a VERY prescriptive process, and we dont think it will be useful for anybody if we post scripts of which it is unclear how to utilize them. in the least, we will try to post some of the particular functions that we have built as parts of the overall script. we are starting a seminar in evolutionary processes for behaviors of space and form, and hope to have some fruitful development with this project through the seminar.

  • 7. pugabear (Dec 20, 2008 18.43):

    Is this still an active blog? Will this script come out anytime?

  • 6. johnHarding (Nov 24, 2008 11.57):

    the tagline of this website is "bringing open source to architecture & design"

    please do not post if you wish not to share knowledge

  • 5. johnHarding (Nov 24, 2008 11.57):

    the tagline of this website is "bringing open source to architecture & design"

    please do not post if you wish not to share knowledge

  • 4. sethcim (Oct 01, 2008 04.25):

    Not very open of you, but looks appealing.

  • 3. Tomasz (Sep 10, 2008 11.47):

    Nice work

  • 2. Morse (Aug 25, 2008 11.10):

    Dear leonmagnavox,

    thank you very much for your interested in our script. We are sorry to inform you, that we will not post the script.
    The reasons for this are mutiple, but the most important ones are:
    - the script is very complex and needs a lot of explaination to run - something we have not yet included and are not able to provide at this point (lack of time, not dedication is the problem).
    -The scripts are highly specific to certain topics of our ongoing research. They are not (like most scripts that are shared) some gemotric "solvers" that are of general help.

    What we will do, is post more images and videos of the script and break it down into smaller bits - which we then might be able to share more easily without confusing people too much.

    Thanks again for your interest - if you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

  • 1. leonmagnavox (Aug 24, 2008 02.59):

    so, where is the script?