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parametic hexagons

by Zechelon, Jul 31, 2008 10.50


A little work I made in my freetime.
A static construction of a hexagongrid that follows physical laws.

To see the process of working, you can klick at


Why are these buttons gray?

  • 8. Zechelon (Nov 05, 2009 19.33):

    Punghe - if I click on your profil there ist "No contact information given" ;-)
    You should write me your eMail-Adress, cause the script that does the pictures isn't explained in a flew words ;-)

    sorry for my terrible english ;-)

  • 7. Paunghe (Nov 05, 2009 08.58):

    Hi, I'm a Masters of Arch. student and I'm looking for ways to make surfaces like this. I'm curious as to how this script works.

  • 6. artvaark (Nov 13, 2008 05.06):

    I like this project very much and am currently working on a similar script project for assigning scaled goedesic patterns (like yours, but triangular) to irregularly shaped surfaces... I am a beginner at this, still in grad school, and I'm wondering if you could share this script or grasshopper file with me so I can learn from it? I would happily share my upcoming research if you are interested. my email: Thanks! :)

  • 5. Roy (Sep 09, 2008 07.41):

    Cool! :)

  • 4. maxfesta (Aug 31, 2008 12.04):

    Very very good... wondwerfull!!!

  • 3. Zechelon (Aug 04, 2008 23.26):

    that should not be a problem - try type my URL in the "Translate Webpages" box and you can translate it in any language you want ;-)

  • 2. _aLinG_ (Aug 03, 2008 21.03):

    Nice project :)

    It's a pity that your blog was writed in "german"(?) :(

    Best Regards.

  • 1. Hanno (Jul 31, 2008 11.06):

    Nice work, the gradient in the grid sizes and radii is quite cool!