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Python – OSX Object ID


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  • 1. ttbocx (Jul 19, 2016 13.00):


    I would like to ask you a question regarding a script for Rhino written in Python I am working on. I want to create a script which draws lines from a certain point and extends them until they intersect with some surfaces and polysurfaces.

    For the selection of polysurfaces I use the following command:

    objects = rs.ObjectsByType(8 | 16 , False)

    then use them in the command to extend the lines.

    rs.ExtendCurve (line_i, 0, 1, objects)

    However nothing happens. They do intersect in reality. I arranged a model as a test. I tried to take a look at the content of "objects" with

    print (objects)

    well and what I get is a line similar to this:

    [<System.Guid object at 0x000000000000002B [3a963ff7-8352-4eb6-8c3c-12030ea78ebc]>]

    The GUID is included, but there is this miscellaneous stuff as well so I assume that the problem is caused by it.

    Are there any workarounds. Oh, I forgot. I am using Rhino under OSX.

    Thank you,



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