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Python – Finding missing textures


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  • 2. frisog (Nov 03, 2016 15.03):

    (although this was a while back) Did you find any easy solution for this in the end?

  • 1. franchais (Feb 24, 2014 10.14):

    Hi guys, recently I was texturing all my 3d models. But after moving the folders of the 3dmodel, the texture files were not to be found which is really frustrating because I don not want to relink all the textures all over again.

    I was wondering if anyone knows how can I relink all the missing texture files easily? Rhino5 only tells you what is missing after you hit the render button. Is there a script for this or is there any other way? Any help would be really appreaciated. Thanks!


Why are these buttons gray?