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Python – The best way to distribute python script


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  • 2. Johannes (Nov 21, 2013 20.58):

    Sound's tricky. My first idea: Don't develop a script for someone else! It is easy to write one for yourself and work with it. But it needs to be waterproof for another person specialy on windows and mac.
    I think you won't find a solution on a script base. Even if you make a plugin out of it. You need to compile your plugin in an application using visual studio.


  • 1. Kentaroh (Nov 20, 2013 06.55):

    Dear users and developpers,

    This is my first post. I'm new to Rhino and Python.
    I'm writing a script in python using Rhino Python Editor and I would like to distribute it to my customers who are using both Windows and Mac versions of Rhino.
    But I would not like to expose the source code to them.
    I have tried to find a way to convert rhino python scripts into rhino plugins (.rhp extension) or a way to compile them.
    But I could not find how to do it.
    It seems that RhinoScript(.rvb extension) can be converted into rhino plugin using Monkey Script Compiler, but rhino python script cannot.
    So my question is... What is the best way to distribute python script without exposing the source code ?



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