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Python – Adding of example files


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  • 3. Dimi (Sep 01, 2012 15.12):

    Hi Johannes,
    I am good, thank you! How your things are going?
    Maybe you could make a kind of limit, eg. files bigger then 1mb couldn't be uploaded. You are right, in a gh file there is a possibility to internalize geometry.
    Anyway thank you for the replying and good luck with developing of in the future!


  • 2. Johannes (Sep 01, 2012 15.03):

    Hi Dimitry, how are you? Thanks for uploading the script. Right now there is no option to upload a Rhino File. Only scripts (gh/xml, vbscript, python) are excepted. Most scripts don't need a Rhino file and you can upload an image (screenshot,...) for documentation. But i will bring that discussion up. Also .Net projects and PDF Tutorials are something which needs to be discussed. But that is defently something for the next big update.


  • 1. Dimi (Sep 01, 2012 14.41):

    Hi RhinoScript,

    Thanks a lot for the new update, that makes possible to upload *.py scripts. Could you add a possibility to upload the example rhino files!?



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