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  • 1. Braxton (May 08, 2018 14.11):


    I am a new user of design builder and I am currently using a trial version till I am sure that it is the right software for my research.

    I am trying to export geometry created in Grasshopper for Rhino. It is exported using the ‘Grizzly Bear’ plugin which creates gbxml files. The model is one thermal zone representing a double façade with folded triangulated surfaces. I opened the file in Design builder but it was not understood as a ‘ zone’ , and all window surfaces were not exported.

    I wanted to know whether the problem is with the exported gbxml file, or with design builder not being able to understand irregular-shaped thermal zones. I tried to attach the gbxml file here but this format was not allowed to be uploaded. and i couldn't submit a ticket as i did not buy a license yet.

    For More Information:
    <a href="">[...] video studio</a>


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