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General – .NET Framework 4.0


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  • 1. Braxton (May 08, 2018 14.42):


    I'm evaluating the IA12, and I need to install .NET 4.0 (full) runtimes.
    Until now I've used the installer provided by Microsoft, which is a single 48Mb exe file that support both 32/64bit platforms.
    I've try to use the runtimes provided by IA, but in this case I've to manage 4 different 7zip files, with a total size of 177Mb.

    Why there is such a big difference? Are you providing more support files (WIC and ...)?
    Do I need to add both client and full components to my setup?
    In a web deployment build there is also a "data" folder, is needed? I've found different answer about searching on this forum.

    It's clear that if I use the installer provided by Microsoft with a "run app" action I'll loose UI integration, but download size is relevant for my procedure.
    I'm doing something wrong?
    Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

    I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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