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General – MsgBox "Hello World!"


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  • 7. Hanno (Mar 15, 2009 16.38):


    the curve domain is just the range of values that can be used to descibe every point on the particular curve. So if your domain goes from 0 to 10, 0 ist the start point, 10 is the end point, and 4.758 is somewhere near the middle... you can use for example evaluateCurve() to get cartesian coordinates from such a curve parameter.

    As a general tutorial, I recommend the RhinoScript primer by David Rutten:


  • 6. Optimist (Mar 04, 2009 22.53):

    It works ... after some trying ( ok much tryial and error) it works.

    In this case I generated two splines of the edges of a loft.

    Next would be to open those splines on a defined location at "12o'clock "

    I tried to use the TrimCurve Method but can't find out how the CurveDomain

    works which seems to be necessary for to define the part trimmed away....

    Seems that I overstrained my skills a bit with this first little project ...

    but I will fight and I have to go though this ( Beggarmode ON ) do you have a

    hint for me?? ( Beggarmode OFF) :D or is there a got book about this ... as

    most of the code examples in Rhino Help are no stand alone units....


  • 5. Optimist (Mar 03, 2009 18.54):

    But regular options ( menue based) are able to intersect groups of surfaces with other groups of surface ( or do you know if that mimic is open source ( readeable behind the specific menuebutton/ subroutine e.g.) )

    BR Hansjoerg

  • 4. Hanno (Mar 03, 2009 14.07):

    You have to be careful with single surfaces and arrays of surfaces. Methods like addLoftSrf always give you an array of surfaces (because you might get more than one surface as a result). On the other hand you need single surfaces for surfaceSurfaceIntersection (or similar methods). Its a common mistake mixing that up...


  • 3. Optimist (Mar 02, 2009 22.19):

    Hanno: Thanks a lot! I localized some variables and now it works :)

    Next problem comming up is the intersection of two surfaces ... as I use plane surfaces in this operation, everything works fine, but intersecting of a loft (e.g. cylinder or tube = group of surfaces) with a plane of 3 or 4 cornerpoints .. this creates no result ( but using the original option in menue it does). Could you tell me, if there are some additional adjustments to do or anything in this direction???
    Thanks for your help !


  • 2. Hanno (Feb 21, 2009 22.01):


    two things:

    1. Rhino.lastobject returns the oldest object in the document, not the last one drawn (this has nothing to do with your question but could be a problem somewhere else)

    2. Except for the fact that you need to dim your variables as arrays there is nothing wrong with your code. The copied object should appear 50 units displaced in z direction.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. Optimist (Feb 21, 2009 00.55):

    Hello Guys!
    For this is my very first post in this forum, I shortly would like to introduce myself! My name is Hansjoerg and I'm from Southern Germany. My main usage of Rhino 4.0 is RC Modelling. For I built myself a CNC hot wire cutter, the idea came up to cast a script which generates NC Code for EMC directly out of geonometry.
    Until now, I did all the steps manually using a separate DIY softwaretool.

    For I'm totally new to RScript I tried to play around a bit but got stuck:

    About the following lines ... the sequence selects the last object imported in an existing environment including the script and puts this on a certain location. The copy is done but the movement does not work ... same with an additional MoveObject Method ... and also Redrawenable and Redraw combination has no effect on this.

    Perhaps someone could give me a hint!

    Every idea is much appreciated !

    Thanks Hansjoerg


    Dim cutobj
    Dim arrstart,arrend
    cutobj = Rhino.LastObject
    arrstart(0) = 0
    arrstart(1) = 0
    arrstart(2) = 0
    arrend(0) = 0
    arrend(1) = 0
    arrend(2) = 50
    If IsArray(arrstart) Then
    If IsArray(arrend) Then
    Rhino.CopyObject cutobj,arrstart,arrend
    Rhino.SelectObject cutobj
    End If
    End If


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