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General – Snap to block insertion point


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  • 5. palosanto (May 30, 2013 19.02):

    Hi again,
    Your suggestion would work in many cases when I need to move/copy to a new specific location where the insertion point has to be specifically located. But sometimes I just need to know where the IP is (I guess the red point helps for that). Using the command 'what' I can find the IP location numerically but it is not very practical as you know. In some cases I need to draw a curve and snap to the origin of the block.

  • 4. Johannes (May 30, 2013 16.57):

    Hi, that is correct. But you can shorten it. What do you want to do with that point? You can handle it quiet easy when you know the functionality. For example:
    - "Move a block" could be a command (block_move) where you just have to select a block and a new origin.
    - "copy a block" could be the same with multiple origins.
    The script part will find the BlockInstanceInsertPoint and just do a defined operation with the block. Can also be more complex then move or copy...

    Why do you need it / What are you doing with the block and your red point?


  • 3. palosanto (May 30, 2013 16.01):

    Hi Johannes,

    I thought so ... and I definitely post something in the Rhino support forum.
    But here's an idea: How about a script that checks if the object is a block and it snaps to "point" automatically?. If it's a block, the insertion point will show up with f10, so the script could in theory disable all snaps except "point" and find this point more easily. The only drawback would be if there are other points created by the user. Being a block, F10 will only show the insertion point and points made by the user with the point command, but not control and mesh points, so these ones would not be a problem, so as long as there are no other points when the block is created, only the insertion would be detected ... I know, a long shot.

  • 2. Johannes (May 30, 2013 10.13):

    Hi, the snap function is limited to the defined object snaps (end, mid,...). So it requires an object to snap on. Unfortunately there is no option for block objects. You should post the question to the rhino community forum on Maybe in the wishlist section.
    The block snap options could be a useful add-on. It could work simillar to the center snap of a closed curve.


  • 1. palosanto (May 27, 2013 18.44):

    Is there a way to snap to the insertion point of a block? It would be very useful.
    Right now I usually include a red colored point to my block definitions so that I can see it later in the drawing. Problem is that I have to zoom in to precisely snap to that point. It would be nice to just snap to it when the cursor is close to the block (like Autocad for example).
    Any ideas?


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