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General – parametric design


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  • 1. dimitrivr (Apr 16, 2012 11.32):

    I had an assignment this semester to 'transform' an old office building into a residential building. Because parametric architecture is relatively unknown in my environment, I wanted to try to make this project variable towards the future. Because the main theme is sustainability. I thought to use the existing concrete structure as a base, and I want to add a changeable wooden parasite structure.
    So the building can be used in function of the needs of the time, and the building is easily adjustable.
    I wanted to have three main variables: number of student houses (1 people), apartments (4 people) and studios (2 people).
    The area of the studio = 3 times a student house, and an apartment is a student house combined with a studio.
    To make this, I thought first to use grasshopper to fill the floor plan with a maximum of apartments (biggest unit), secondly I want to fill the rest space with studios and third with student houses.
    When this is done, I have the maximum number of apartments. But because one apartment, can also be 4 student houses. I want to have the possibility (I think with a slider in grasshopper) to choose the proportions between the three types of units.
    What's the best program to fill in a floor plan with the units according to some conditions?


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