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General – Kraftwurx is for Rhino


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  • 1. bcn0209 (Dec 20, 2011 18.43):

    <P>Hello everyone, I have been a member of the Rhinoscript community for about two years and a Rhino 3D user since about 2006. </P>

    <P>I have a brand new business that launched a month ago called and wanted to let you know about it.</P>

    <P>Kraftwurx is a place to sell your designs as products to the rest of the world, printed in 3D. We offer 40+ materials and production facilities on every continent. Simply create an account, upload your models and when they sell, you earn money.</P>

    <P>Kraftwurx also lets consumers buy your products in our online store visible in 56 languages worldwide.</P>

    <P>The site is also wrapped around an online social network for 3D printing and 3D design. We have real-time chat in your own language meaning you can make friends regardless of what language you speak.</P>

    <P>Buy, Sell, learn and share your 3D talent beyond Rhino scripting. Use your skills to make real products from your designs.</P>

    Kraftwurx is for Rhino

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