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General – Rhino 5 UI colors


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  • 2. Johannes (Oct 20, 2011 10.13):

    Hi. The same in my Rhino 5 Version. It just crashes when trying to change the color. It is a beta version and i think there is still a long list of bugs.
    Did you post that bug into the rhino newsgroup?


  • 1. RobSteady (Oct 20, 2011 09.38):

    a while ago i downloaded a beta version of Rhino 5 64 and was trying to change the colors of the interface with this command: TestSetdrawColors.

    Found it here:

    When i change the start color in active tab, Rhino crashes.

    Is there another way to change the User Interface colors?
    I'm trying to set all window/toolbar colors to a dark grey like in the newer version of 3ds max for example.
    I find this appearance much more pleasing to the eye...



Why are these buttons gray?