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General – problem with floating numbers


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  • 2. Hanno (Sep 17, 2008 22.17):

    Hmm... In scripting this could be a localization issue (writing floats as 3.5 or 3,5 respectively), but I really don't know how localized Rhino versions behave.

    Or if its the tolerance: you can specify the tolerance in the "units" preferences... but I must say I have never heard of this problem before...

  • 1. gdodo (Sep 16, 2008 16.29):

    Hi everyone,
    i have a very stupid problem but i´ve not been able to get out of it:
    since yesterday every time that i digit numbers with comma (3.5 4.8 etc etc), they are rounded up or down to the closest integer number.. No matter what kind of tools or commands i use, it behaves all the time in the same way..
    Any suggestions? Tolerance to adjust or something like that?



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