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General – Problems with Object Arranger


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  • 11. Hanno (Sep 03, 2009 09.42):

    Hi drape,

    when working with such small granularity values you create huge amounts of data. This error simply tells that the script tried to allocate too much space in memory.
    As simple scripting environments like RhinoScript are not optimal for memory-intensive applications, this can only be solved if the script is ported to .net (so it could be used as a Rhino plugin). This would also make it faster, by the way.



  • 10. drape (Aug 27, 2009 20.10):


    Great script. This is a critical tool for digital fabrication. Hope you continue to develop it.

    I played with the granularity and got it to work but crashed Rhino when I made the value too small. (granularity: .1 for a 32 wide x 18 high sheet)

    This was the error;

    Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
    Error: Out of stack space: 'clear_islands"
    Line: 49
    Char: 56
    Code: 0

  • 9. Hanno (Jul 16, 2009 10.23):

    What is the dimension of your box? This could be a granularity problem as well. The standard granularity is 5, meaning that the minimum distance between objects is 5. So if your objects and output sheets are more like 0.X, you have to change this value.
    You should also see some warnings in the command prompt, that your objects could not be processed.


  • 8. amsingh80 (Jul 15, 2009 06.46):

    I am getting similar results as ryan. just the output box but no objects nested. I tried increasing the size of both the height and width but no luck.

  • 7. ryan (Sep 18, 2008 19.31):

    ah, I misread your post, sorry about that.

  • 6. Hanno (Sep 18, 2008 17.19):

    There is no prompt for that - if you want to change the granularity, you have to change the value in the script. One of the first lines is

    Dim granularity : granularity = 5

    That means that the tolerance is 5 drawing units. You can change it to any value you want.

  • 5. ryan (Sep 18, 2008 17.10):

    hmm, I don't seem to be getting that prompt, I get 3, height, width, and select objects.

  • 4. Hanno (Sep 17, 2008 22.22):

    Two short notices:

    - The object arranger does not rotate objects

    - You can specify the granularity (i.e. the tolerance) of the algorithm (its one of the first lines in the script). Too large values produce inaccurate results

    Maybe that helps to get better results!


  • 3. ryan (Sep 15, 2008 20.12):

    I just got it to work. But I had to enter a width and height that was pretty large considering the objects I had selected and it didn't even arrange them all within the that range.

    When posted I hadn't thought to try numbers that were that large.

    Thank you for replying.

  • 2. Hanno (Sep 14, 2008 14.16):

    Hi ryan,

    can you give some information on the script output in the command window? Maybe that helps to find the problem.

    And thanks for the positive site feedback :-)

  • 1. ryan (Sep 12, 2008 15.22):

    For some reason I am having problems getting the Object Arranger script working.

    I have setup the library script in my "load scripts on startup" and I can get Object Arranger to run. But the only output I get is the box representing the width and height.

    excellent site btw. this is something that has been needed for a long time.


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