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General – Polyline from hatch


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  • 5. Anders S (May 05, 2011 19.45):

    No, I'm not at BAS, I work with archviz at an architect office. I'm the only one here who's using Rhino a little bit, but unfortunately I'm forced to use 3ds max as my main tool. Trying to convert people to Rhino, though.

  • 4. Johannes (May 05, 2011 12.37):

    hey anders,
    are you working at the BAS in Bergen or in an office?
    i am interested how they work with digital techniques like rhinoscrript, grasshopper,... at the BAS....?


  • 3. Anders S (May 05, 2011 12.32):


  • 2. redesign (Mar 14, 2011 14.18):

    Common way:
    Hatch type - > solid
    -duplicate border

  • 1. Anders S (Jul 07, 2010 14.13):

    Is there a built-in way to generate a polyline boundary from a hatch, in case the original boundary is unavailable? If not, is it possible to write a script for it?


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