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General – x,y,z directions of a curve


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  • 3. Jan (Nov 13, 2009 12.34):

    hey hanno,

    thank you for the information about the cplane objekt command. now it is obvious why the directions change. i fixed my cam import problem otherwise.



  • 2. Hanno (Nov 12, 2009 13.43):

    Hi Jan,

    what do you mean by the curve's xyz directions? If you arrange the cplane to a curve, you get a cplane with origin at the curve start point and x axis in the curve's tangent direction at that point.
    You could do this manually for any other point on the curve, however the automatic cplane alignment uses always the start point.



  • 1. Jan (Nov 10, 2009 18.58):


    i have some open planar curves and with the command "cplane objekt" you can see their x,y,z directions. when i split one of the curves, these directions change. is it possible to rechange these x,y,z direktions without changing the direction of the curve(dir command) in rhino? does anyone know more about the relation between a curve and its cplane?



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