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General – Render Pictures, or much more interesting make an animation


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  • 4. Hanno (Nov 17, 2009 09.47):

    Hi Adam,

    that's a nice Grasshopper application!

    As for 3dm files: We have been thinking about this - generally rhino files are simply too large for such an online system. But still it could be worthwile to have the opportunity to upload simple example files along with grasshopper components.
    So maybe we will include that in a future version, but I cannot tell a date :-)


  • 3. adamlee (Nov 15, 2009 18.27):

    I made a quick animation file, I will upload it right now.

    Hanno, is there any way that we could upload rhino files along with our scripts in the future?

  • 2. Hanno (Oct 16, 2009 00.16):


    for the animation part you could look into the "view methods" chapter of the rhinoscript help file. There you find methods to set camera positions etc.
    I've never done automated rendering, so I don't know about such possibilities. However I do know that there are some render* methods that allow you to change render settings.



  • 1. trojax (Oct 14, 2009 11.45):

    I would like to create a RhinoScript which renders a selected view and saves the Picture in a chooseable path.
    Even more interesting for me would be some sort of command to animate my model.

    I'm asking because I can't find any commands for these things in the RhinoScript help of my Rhino4.0.

    Thanks a lot for your answers!



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