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RhinoScript – New RhinoScript User: Trouble Manipulating Groups


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  • 2. Hanno (Sep 11, 2009 13.37):


    Groups are identified by their name, so there is no need for a method like "GroupByName" (the name already is the group identifier).

    The GroupNames method returns a list of all groups in the document.

    As far as I know you cannot manipulate groups as a whole, so I guess you have to cycle through the member objects. You could of course write your own group manipulation methods that do exactly that, like "MoveGroup(strGroupName)" or the like.


  • 1. JohnDoe17 (Sep 10, 2009 20.23):


    I am having difficulty manipulating groups of objects as a whole. I would like to be able to find named groups of objects in my .3dm file (such as with the ObjectsByName command) and then use the group names to manipulate the group as a whole (such as with the OrientObject or OrientObjects command) such that the group stays locked in its current relative orientation of elements and the whole group is moved. Does this require me to cycle through moving each element in the group individually, or can I reference the group as a whole? Thanks a lot!


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