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RhinoScript – Save as type *.sat


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  • 2. Hanno (Sep 03, 2009 09.53):


    as far as I know, there is no RhinoScript method to export/save geometry. But the export command can by automated. To export an object with ID "1234" it would look like this:

    rhino.command "_-Export _selid 1234 _enter test.sat _enter"

    You can add more object with more "_selid ID" parts, and you can specify SAT options, just look at the prompt.



  • 1. NHD (Aug 25, 2009 10.34):

    I have a script thats generate a parammetric model. I want to export it to *sat format inside the script. So I don't have to select the model and use the "File - Export Selectet" manually. The selection part is no problem inside the script, but I strugle with the "File export" part.


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