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RhinoScript – MirrorObject


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  • 2. Hanno (Aug 10, 2009 12.06):


    The mirror plane is defined as a plane that is vertical to the current CPlane and runs through both start and end point.
    This is a relict from earlier rhino versions, I think sooner or later they will introduce a mirror method with a mirror plane defined by 3 points.


  • 1. NHD (Aug 10, 2009 11.28):

    I have tried to mirror a object in rhinoscript, but the result is not the same as when I do it in graphical view. The problem is to define the mirror-plane. When i use the same start point and end point for the mirror plane as in graphical view, the object is mirror about a different axis/plane in script.

    Somebody who can explain the definition of the start point and end point?

    Rhino.MirrorObject (strObject, arrStartPt, arrEndPt [, blnCopy])

    strObject Required. String. The identifier of the object to mirror.
    arrStartPt Required. Array. The start of the mirror plane.
    arrEndPt Required. Array. The end of the mirror plane.
    blnCopy Optional. Boolean. Copy the object. If omitted, the object will not be copied (False).


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