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RhinoScript – Audio driven patterns - processing to rhino


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  • 2. Johannes (Jul 19, 2009 10.29):

    seems that someone solves that problem already:

    but it think there is no way in grasshopper to get that result without any programming knowledge.

    there is a good documantation on ...


  • 1. carlbrorson (Jul 19, 2009 08.47):

    Dear all,

    Firstly, Im new to processing; any programming really.

    Currently im working on a project which i would like to run through the experts to hopefully be getting some advice on how to proceed.

    What im looking at is to develop geometrical patterns and tiles from sampled audio waves. The research is carried out from an acoustic perspective where im looking to sample existing spaces and translate the noise levels to then create unique, 3D acoustic panels.

    So, the question is: what would be the best approach to this? a friend told me using processing innitially and then bring the coding into rhino via script... this to me seems to be a to complicated process, and as im not experienced in programming, a time-consuming process. I have heard of grasshopper, a plugin for rhino which does not involve any programming at all, more a visual approach it seems - this does appeal to me, but as i understand it it can not 'translate' the recorded audio wave. What would be the best approach?

    Any help very much appreciated,



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