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RhinoScript – Rhino by Matlab


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  • 2. Valesurf (Oct 23, 2012 16.01):

    HEY Berny,
    did you find a solution? I have a similar problem like you. I should start a Rhinoscript from Matlab (also without using activex).


  • 1. berny83 (May 30, 2009 18.08):

    I'm searching for a way that allow to connect this two software, I need to run Rhino4 from Matlab and, if it is possible, to control it by activex; but if i call actxcontrollist from matlab Rhino doesn't appear in any voice!
    Anyone knows the way?

    I don't know VB and I would try to do this link using only the activex in Matlab.

    Thank you very much!! :)


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