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RhinoScript – adding materials to objects


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  • 3. oggologgo (Nov 01, 2010 16.10):


  • 2. Andyboy (Apr 05, 2009 22.21):

    Nevermind... I still don't get the logic behind it, but I got it to work.

  • 1. Andyboy (Apr 05, 2009 02.14):

    I am completely mystified. I working on a project to write a script that creates a sphere representing a star at a specified coordinate, then applies a material to it that indicates what type of star it is. Can anyone clarify how to apply a material to an object? Rhino.AddMaterialToObject, Rhino.ObjectMaterialSource, Rhino.MaterialColor? The documentation is very confusing.


Why are these buttons gray?