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RhinoScript – New to scripting very Basic


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  • 2. veit (Apr 01, 2009 22.33):


    p is a kind of 'black box'. In the first step you set this variable p to 5. In the second step you define a new value for p: you add 10 to the old value of p which is still 5. " = " is used here to define the variable - not in the mathematical sense.
    so everything was correct in elementary school :-)


  • 1. djnelson75 (Apr 01, 2009 18.43):

    I just wanted to post this, although I think most people here will think it's trivial. I very new to scripting (fresh meat). I thought I would take a look at write some of my own scripts after playing around with Grasshopper. I was looking at a vb primer for grasshopper and came across this statement which I am having a hard time understanding.

    Dim p as integer
    print (p)

    the result is that gets printed is "15"

    This mathmatically looks extremely confusing and actually unsolvable, but I guess works as a program.


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