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RhinoScript – Rhino Function


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  • 3. Khoda (Apr 07, 2009 15.12):


    Thank you. But I am having a problem to access it. As of yesterday I was able to access the help. but suddenly it says "the address is not valid". I tried to install a plug-in and after that this thing happens. Any idea ???

  • 2. dingle (Mar 30, 2009 19.00):

    hi john,
    if i understand your question correctly, just try the rhinoscript help file. help > plugins > rhinoscript.

  • 1. john (Mar 30, 2009 18.20):

    Hi All

    I am new in Rhino script and very interested to play with it. I was just wondering, is there any source for Rhino Function library just like VB function? If you know such site then please let me know. Thank you.


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