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RhinoScript – Defining region


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  • 4. Hanno (Apr 04, 2009 11.27):

    there are some possibilities, but they are all not trivial:

    - you can solve this mathematically: with circles, you can use trigonometry to get coordinates for points on your circles' edges (that's probably the "cleanest" method)

    - you can intersect your circles with lines and only keep the parts that are in your region (that's a more flexible method, and easier to implement)

    - if both doesn't work for you, you could loft a surface between your circles and project the lines onto it (that's kind of an ugly method, but if the result is right, it should be ok :-)

    Hope that helps!


  • 3. Khoda (Apr 01, 2009 15.31):


    If I have a big circle and small circle and given that small circle is inside the big circle. Now, I want to define a region between the edge of big and small circle and draw some lines only that particular region. Thanks.

  • 2. Hanno (Apr 01, 2009 14.27):

    What do you mean by "defining region"? If you want to see if a point lies in the ring defined by your curves, you can use PointInPlanarClosedCurve - if its inside the outer curve but not inside the inner, its in your region.

  • 1. Khoda (Mar 29, 2009 04.19):


    I have a set of closed planner curve one inside another but no overlapping.
    Now I want to define region from curve no 'n' to 'n-1' and 'n-1' to 'n-2'
    and so on. How can it be done?

    Thank you.


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