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RhinoScript – accsessing cage edit points


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  • 3. _aLinG_ (Aug 05, 2008 20.04):

    I have publish in McNeel's plugin forum this same tip and people says to me that today there is no posibilities to edit Cage points :(

    We must wait...

    Best Regards.

  • 2. Hanno (Jul 05, 2008 15.04):


    selectobjectgrips doesn't give you a point array but selects the points and returns the point count.
    Object grips are no objects, so you cannot use them like you would use point objects - try using ObjectGripLocations to get the coordinates.

    Hope that helps, there is more in the RhinoScript help (object grip methods)


  • 1. isg (Jul 03, 2008 23.37):

    hi, anyone have any tips on how to access a cage's edit points? i can get the ID of a cage, but can't figure out how to access the cage edit points.. i thought i could do it via 'control points', see an exerpt from my script below..

    Dim strCage:strCage=Rhino.GetObject("pick the cage")
    Rhino.EnableObjectGrips strCage,vbTrue
    Rhino.ObjectGripsOn strCage
    Dim ptsCage:ptsCage=Rhino.SelectObjectGrips (strCage)

    ptsCage doesn't give me an array of points..
    thanks for any tips!


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