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RhinoScript – rhinoscript-error: self-Intersection test


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  • 4. veit (Apr 01, 2009 23.03):


    Below is an answer on this topic in the Rhino Plugins Mailing List, but so far I could not find an update...

    Hi Veit,

    Yep, I see the problem. I have fixed the bug. I will try to post an update
    on Labs later today.

    Thanks for reporting this.

    Dale Fugier
    Robert McNeel & Associates

    Greetz, Veit

  • 3. veit (Mar 24, 2009 19.33):


    Thanks for your answer, hanno. I'll post it in the Rhino-Plug-Ins-Mailing-List and if there is finally a solution I'll post it here.

    groetjes, Veit

  • 2. Hanno (Mar 24, 2009 18.01):

    Hi veit!

    That looks like a bug to mee, too. Because the method description clearly states that "if [the second parameter is] omitted, a self-intersection test will be performed on strObject1", but what the method delivers is the information that the curve overlaps itself from beginning to end (well, we did know that before...).
    I suggest you ask the Rhino Plugins Mailing List:[...]



  • 1. veit (Mar 22, 2009 19.48):


    I came across an error in the method "CurveCurveIntersection". Perhaps someone already found a solution to this?
    I just wanted to test some curves on self-intersection. according to parameter description of "CurveCurveIntersection" it should be very simple:
    Rhino.CurveCurveIntersection (strCurve)
    But: if it is an open curve the output is only the start and end point of the self-intersecting curve. And if the curve is closed all intersection points are on the curve's seam. No detection of the "real" intersection point.

    Is this a known bug?

    Any ideas how to perform an self-intersection-test? It's not an urgent problem, but perhaps there is a simple work-around.

    thanks and good luck for this wonderful site :-)


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