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RhinoScript – 3 closets points


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  • 2. Hanno (Mar 19, 2009 12.04):

    If you know how to get the closest point, why not just run the process two more times? If you make sure that the already collected points are ignored, you should end up with the three closest points.

  • 1. citro (Mar 18, 2009 18.10):

    Hi folks

    I have a question, i got a list of point an want to find the 3 three closets points from an array of points. I know these 3 points have the same value,
    So my question does anybody know how to collect them to an array?
    Now im only collecting the closets point to arrMinDis(0), i would like to say if the next point is like the closets point, set to arrMinDis(1), and the third to arrMinDis(2). So that i get three differents points

    thx any way


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