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RhinoScript – ConText vs Monkey


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  • 5. citro (Mar 16, 2009 23.30):

    yes they are great both!

    but it seems to me, that they can do much of the same stuff. So i was thinking, when is it best to use one over the other..

  • 4. dingle (Mar 16, 2009 22.04):

    i'd say it's good to learn both. grasshopper doesn't have nearly the same capabilities as scripting, but it's easier to learn and faster for getting successful results - important for a beginner. i started with rhinoscript a month or so before starting with grasshopper, and even just that made learning grasshopper a snap.
    learning both has sped up my work process infinitely. i'd recommend it for anyone who uses rhino a lot. i can do so much more than i could have without them both...

  • 3. citro (Mar 16, 2009 21.49):

    Thx for the quick answer.

    lets hope David makes a more stable version of monkey..

    Hey im relativ new to rhinoscripting, and i was thinking
    Is rhinoscripting better to learn than grasshopper? Because i know a little to grasshopper, and when a start a modelling project i get confused, grasshopper or rhinoscripter to work in?

  • 2. Hanno (Mar 15, 2009 16.59):


    I use monkey - its not the best editor I know, but it is very convenient to directly run your code in Rhino. AFAIK there was no monkey update since August 2007.
    For programming outside of Rhino I use vim, but that's something I would only recommend if you want to learn a lot of keyboard shortcuts... :-)

  • 1. citro (Mar 15, 2009 15.43):

    Hi i used monkey editor on xp
    But now when i use vista, its kind a unstable when i browse methods.
    So i wanted to hear if anyone know why?, mayb there is a update to make it work better on vista x64.

    And what do you people use, monkey or context?


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