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RhinoScript – External Access from Excel - Delay RhinoScript


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  • 1. linux.matthew (Feb 01, 2017 04.31):

    I'm trying to follow the example for externally access the RhinoScript module from Excel (in my case Excel 365 on Windows 10) using the standard method.

    Dim Rhino As Object
    Dim RhinoScript As Object
    Set Rhino = CreateObject("Rhino4.Application")
    Set RhinoScript = Rhino.GetScriptObject()

    But I'm running into a Runtime 424 - Object Required error on the last time. The problem seems to be that the last line isn't waiting for the Rhino object to be fully created before attempting to access. Rhino4 starts up, but the UAC of Windows 10 will prompt me to allow the Updater to make changes to the system. If I debug these statements and give CreateObject time to let Rhino4 time to fully start, GetScriptObject works fine.

    Is there a ways to make GetScriptObject wait until Rhino4 is completely started? I've tried setting Rhino to Nothing and looping on the value, but that's not working. I'm a little new to VB, so apologies for what may be a newbie question.




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