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RhinoScript – Search polysurface on axle Y and move it by I on axle X


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  • 2. ScorpionX (Dec 28, 2016 10.23):

    Moved object = finish state

  • 1. ScorpionX (Dec 28, 2016 10.23):

    Hi everybody ,

    can please somebody help me how i can search objekt with name "polysurface" on axle Y from value -somenumber to +somenumber and then move it by I on axle X.
    With macro i can move just every objekt with same value.
    I want to move first polysurface by I.Next by 2xI then next by 3xI and above.
    In attached you can see what ist state in OLD an in new version.


Why are these buttons gray?