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RhinoScript – OffsetSurface not working in RhinoPython script


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  • 1. Tofuw (Jul 19, 2016 15.34):

    Hello, I would like to select a surface, then to do an offset on it.
    I follow the example in but it won't work.

    import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

    surface = rs.GetObject("Select a surface", rs.filter.surface)

    if rs.IsSurface(surface):
        print rs.IsSurface(surface)
        # Only with distance
        rs.OffsetSurface(surface, 10.0 )
        # With all parameters
        rs.OffsetSurface(surface_id=surface, distance=10.0, tolerance=0.001, both_sides=True, create_solid=True)
        print rs.OffsetSurface(surface,10.0)

    My output is the following :


    Which mean that I have the right surface (an Open Surface), but the OffsetSurface is in error. But I didn't know why.
    Did you have some advice to solve this problem ?

    Thank you in advance.


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