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RhinoScript – draw lines through intersections points of 3 different curves


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  • 5. b3d (Feb 20, 2009 22.24):

    hi Hanno,

    thank your for your fast answer.

    my very basic knowledge let me know the first steps from selecting and dividing the curves into 6 segments to get the arrPoints.

    but the for-loop function is new for me, thank you, i will see if David covers that topic in his rhinoscript 101 manual.



  • 4. Hanno (Feb 20, 2009 17.55):


    you can use DivideCurve to get an array of points for each of your lines. Then you need a simple for-loop to connect all the corresponding points (use AddPolyLine for this - you have to double the first point as last point to get closed triangles).

    Hope that helps!


  • 3. b3d (Feb 20, 2009 14.21):

    sorryy for posting that twice but i am not sure how to insert a proper link

  • 2. b3d (Feb 20, 2009 14.19):


  • 1. b3d (Feb 20, 2009 14.18):


    maybe one of you folks could help me out a little bit.

    i´m starting to analyse a few examples of simple architectural structures and try to code them with rhinoscript.

    so i´m curious how could i code this example of a framework, where i have 3 different lines, which are each divided into 6 segments.
    now i want to draw rhino lines (triangles) through the points shown in this image:

    thank you very much,


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