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RhinoScript – Drilling G-code from point data


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  • 3. TMBRhino (Feb 19, 2016 13.02):

    If anyone else is having trouble with a similar problem check out:

    Very Helpful, easily understood script. This man deserves an applause :)

  • 2. TMBRhino (Feb 18, 2016 11.58):

    I have now managed to write text to the text file to start the program as this is generic, however i still cannot "paste" the data from the "list" command into the text file nor can i rearrange the data contained to represent linear movements. (L X0 Y0 Z0). So any help reformatting the list data and pasting to the text file would be great. Thanks

    P.s i used "Rhino.WriteTextFile" to get information into the text file, as that was the only method i could get to work.

  • 1. TMBRhino (Feb 17, 2016 15.45):

    I am very new to programming and am trying to use RhinoScript to select point data, export co-ordinates and translate that information into g-code within a text file. This is all i've managed to accomplish thus far and im not even sure if this is correct. I have selected points and copied the co-ordinates from the "list" command but cant seem to get them into a text file or change the format to "L X0 Y0 Z0" etc. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    Call Main()
    Sub Main()
            Rhino.Command "SelPt"
            Rhino.Command "List"
            Dim fso, f1
            Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
            Set f1 = fso.GetFile("P:\Drawings\Template\Rhino Script\BackDrill\Temp.txt")
    End Sub

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