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RhinoScript – Rhino.SaveFileName


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  • 5. Bunner (Oct 15, 2015 14.18):

    Thanks. I actually was able to finally get that to work assigned to an icon.

  • 4. Johannes (Oct 15, 2015 14.03):

    Hi Eric,

    that will not work in the script editor. It is a macro not a script. It is the same like writing direct to the command line...
    try the macroeditor...

    if you still have problems with the backslash then take a look on your keyboard settings in windows...


  • 3. Bunner (Oct 12, 2015 15.00):

    I tried typing what you had below into the script editor and for some reason I get a W with a slash through it when I try to type a backslash? See attached.


  • 2. Johannes (Oct 12, 2015 13.57):

    Hi, try it using the macro editor. Then just copy the code that you usally use in the command line into your icon. You can also modify the step options in the command line property...



  • 1. Bunner (Oct 12, 2015 13.50):

    I want to create an icon that when clicked always saves a selected item to a specific directory location on my harddrive, for example: always save to C:/DDPD/Rhino Models. I would like to always save the file as the same name, overwriting the file by the same name inside that directory and always of the type .step.


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