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RhinoScript – Modifying Knot Vectors with Rhinoscript


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  • 1. jmineroff (Jun 11, 2015 23.34):


    I am trying to a make the surface shown (right image) using a combination of Grasshopper and Rhinoscript.

    First, I generate a half-surface (left image) as an edge surface in Grasshopper. Next, I use the "MergeSrf" command to combine it with a mirrored version. This leaves me with the result shown in the middle image.

    However, for my purposes, I need to automatically change the knot vector to that shown in the right image (which was in this case done manually). The knot vector is now uniform along the top and bottom edge, and a (highlighted) knot insertion has been performed for local refinement near the top edge.

    How can I do this in Rhinoscript? Is there a way to change a knot vector so that it is uniform? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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