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RhinoScript – REQUEST: script to rotate elements


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  • 3. (May 04, 2015 17.43):

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have the polyhedra plugin which I like a lot and which works great. However it wont do the job. I'm also not sure if this is something that's easier to accomplish in grasshopper, but as this would be just several Rotate3D commands I thought easiest should be scripting it.
    I think I could do it on my own if I had a day of to get a bit into rhinoscript, but then again I would prefer to have a pro do it for me ;)

  • 2. ledisnomad (May 04, 2015 17.25):

    I think you should check out and specifically this plugin:

  • 1. (Apr 28, 2015 11.40):

    Hi there,

    I'm not really familiar with Rhino Script and to get this accomplished by myself it would take forever as I'm a total coding noob.
    However I think for a professional it's not very complex.

    I need a script which rotates and copies an object by defined parameters.
    It would be basically 2 scripts:

    1: Rotating a triangle 21 times so it results in an icosahedron (see attachment)
    2: Rotating a pentagon 12 times so it forms a dodecahedron

    I made a design once where I modeled a triangle and rotated it manually.
    That worked ok, but a scrip would be nice to experiment.[...]

    I plan to use it to make some pendants.
    I'm willing to pay for it, or I can compensate the work by giving away
    some product for free like the ball above, or what I'm going to build with the script.

    my email is or skype:



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