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RhinoScript – Curve Lattice Script...any ideas how to achieved this?


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  • 4. Hanno (Jan 29, 2009 06.45):


    I can only give some general hints: you should make yourself familiar with surface parameterization and the evaluateSurface, surfaceDomain etc. methods. With this you should be able to place a point grid on any given nurbs surface. Then you need to find a way to model the structure with ONLY these points as basis (no fixed angles or distances). These two parts combined in one script let you place the structure on any surface.



    PS: There is a book showing some similar projects (but its in German):[...]

  • 3. Evert Amador (Jan 28, 2009 11.12):

    Hi Hanno and all,

    here's a link to the images.

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts.[...]



  • 2. Hanno (Jan 28, 2009 03.38):


    unfortunately uploading images is still a missing feature on this site... maybe you can upload it somewhere else and post a link?

  • 1. Evert Amador (Jan 27, 2009 18.25):

    Dear all,
    A colleague and I are working on a script to generate something similar to the pics enclosed to be able to run them into any surface.

    I've got some experience with rhino script but I haven't been able to code this.

    Any suggestions are very much appreciates.

    many thanks

    Evert Amador

    PS how do I upload my image file?


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