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RhinoScript – IsToolbarCollection only returns Boolean True/False


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  • 1. ssimon (Apr 05, 2015 22.57):

    In an attempt to automatically hide/load panels, I am trying to use the Rhinoscript command "ShowToobar". I pretty much copied the example from the help file, changing only my path and adding a check to see what 'IsToolbarCollection' is returning:

    Dim strFile, strName

    strFile = "C:\Path\To\Toolbar\File"
    strName = Rhino.IsToolbarCollection(strFile)

    Rhino.Print strName
    If Not IsNull(strName) Then

        Rhino.ShowToolbar strName, "Layer"

    End If

    According to the documentation, IsToolbarCollection is supposed to return "The Rhino-assigned name of the toolbar collection if successful..". In my case, it only returns "True" if the path is correct and "False" if I enter a bunk file path. Is the documentation wrong, or is there something wrong with my own set-up?



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