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RhinoScript – Point Deviation


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  • 6. lukemec (Feb 09, 2015 18.06):

    Hello Johannes. I am using the command Rhino.SurfaceClosestPoint on the script, but it returns to me only some "U,V" parameters, not the distance of the point from the surface. What does it mean?
    Is there a way to project the point on the surface orthogonally without the parameters?
    Thank you for your attention.

  • 5. lukemec (Jan 27, 2015 21.50):

    Yes, I do understand.
    English is not my main language, I think I expressed myself wrong. This is a research work I need to do for my course in university, and I need to explain in details all the steps of the research. I just need some "guide" to make this Script. As I told, I'm learning to write scripts, so it will take me some time. I'll just apreciatte any help you can give me.

  • 4. Johannes (Jan 27, 2015 21.36):

    I need to say that I can't just provide you a script. I like to assist you in my free time but I don't want to use my time for doing someone's job. I hope you understand.


  • 3. lukemec (Jan 27, 2015 19.28):

    Thank you Johannes. I'm trying to learn how to write scripts for rhino. The problem is export the information of each point of the cloud. I have minor models too, but they have too much points to analyze each one. Can you provide me the script?
    Thank you very much.

  • 2. Johannes (Jan 27, 2015 17.28):

    Hi, thats not a big deal. I guess you have a 3d model and the point cloud of your scan, right? You can iterate through the points and check the distance to the closest point on your model (Rhino.SurfaceClosestPoint,...).
    You can visualize the result by adding lines in colours from green to red,... Or Export the information to Excel. But dont take all of them! Excel can handle 100000 lines! Generally i suggest to delete half of the points before you start. Therefore you can usw a randomly reduce function or you play minesweeper.


  • 1. lukemec (Jan 26, 2015 20.46):

    Hello guys,
    I work with evaluation of mechanical parts, and I need a script to analyze the deviation of a 3D Scanner's point cloud. I make a model of the object and I use the 3D Scanner to get a point cloud of the real model. I get more than 100000 points, and I need to know the deviation of each point, to perform a statistical analysis.
    Is it possible? Can anyone here help me with this?


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